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Welcome to the Jillybeans website! I’m Jill. I’ve worked as an early childhood educator for almost fifteen years, both as a music and gym teacher for infants and toddlers and a preschool teacher here in New York City. Recently, I became a mother to my first child. As a new parent, I now understand more than ever how much support and community matters. And with Jillybeans, that is exactly what I hope to create! 


If there's one thing I've learned as a teacher, it's that every child is incredibly unique, and that means that my approach to engaging a child can’t be “one size fits all.” I strive to create opportunities that support each child’s individuality and learning style. Jillybeans provides in-person and virtual classes, playdates, and parties for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. In addition to teaching classes, I provide activity ideas, product recommendations, and simple ways for parents to facilitate interaction and play while working toward developmental milestones.   I try to make educational activities, easy, accessible, and most importantly, FUN! All activities are designed to follow, support, and facilitate your child’s developmental progress and growth. 



Learning Through Play

Jillybeans provides mobile classes, playdates, and parties for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers that highlight all the excitement of interacting with your little one and making educational activities easy, accessible, and most importantly, FUN!


Baby Classes

Jillybeans baby classes highlight all the fun and excitement of interracting with your baby and meeting other parents! Sing, play, and explore with age-appropriate materials that help promote your little one's alertness and awareness and cultivate the parent/child bond. Activities emphasize tactile, auditory, and visual stimulation, tummy time, and exercises and stretches to help build strength for crawling and walking. For older babies, activities will help promote your baby's evolving fine and gross motor skills and socialization. Classes are 45 minutes long and can be customized to babies in a close age and developmental range! Appropriate for babies as young as two months.


 Toddler and Preschooler Classes

Each class highlights the excitement of interacting with other toddlers and preschoolers, while working on purposeful developmentally appropriate activities, such as themed games, crafts, sensory exploration, and music and movement! Classes are 45 minutes long, and can be customized for toddlers or preschoolers close in age. Appropriate for children as young as 15 months-5 years old.


Custom Playdates

Enjoy educational, purposeful activities tailored specifically to your child's interests, play styles, and developmental goals! In a Jillybeans custom playdate, the participating children work together on themed projects, including art, sensory play, and cooking, designed around their interests! Playdates can be run on an individual or group basis and are best for children 2-5 years old.



Jillybeans Music Party

30 minutes of musical activities using various age-appropriate props, such as scarves, puppets, dancing, bubbles, and parachute to a mix of contemporary music and more traditional children’s songs! Best for babies turning one.

Jillybeans Toddler/Preschool Theme Party

30 minutes of themed activities, games, and guided play setups based on the party theme of your choice. Jill will come with all the supplies for fun and educational activities that can range from cooking, to art projects, to science and sensory exploration! Best for children 2-5 years old. 

Jillybeans X Jam with Jamie Party

30 Minutes of Jillybeans and 30 Minutes of Music with Jam with Jamie! Start off with a half hour of themed activities, games, and guided play setups based on the party theme of your choice. Jill will come with all the supplies for fun and educational activities that can range from cooking, to art projects, to science and sensory exploration! Then finish off your party with an interactive acoustic jam session that will get everyone up and dancing!  Your musician will come armed with a guitar and props/instruments for the kids: bubbles, shakers, scarves, a parachute, and more! Jam out to fun children’s songs, rock n’ roll oldies, and today’s hits!  This package is customized for kids ages 2-5 years old.

Please inquire for pricing!


What Parents Are Saying...

"Jill is one of the most talented, dedicated, creative and loving educators I have had the privilege of knowing. I have worked as a special education teacher and SEIT for over 12 years in New York, and am now on the "other side," experiencing my daughters' early education from a parent's perspective. I was consistently impressed by the multi-sensory, cross-curricular and thorough quality of Jill's curriculum and lesson planning. Jill will always hold a very special place in our family's hearts, as my daughter’s most wonderful and magical first teacher. She is a gem, and I have no doubt she will enchant children with a love of learning for years to come."

"As a new mom, this class was amazing for teaching me about my baby's development. I think the idea of reading books and blogs about development can be a little overwhelming and confusing, so I rely on doctor visits and classes that offer more than just musical distractions. It's incredible to see how the activities progress in ways that match my daughter's development and makes it clear that the class is actually helpful. It's also amazing that the class is interesting and entertaining for moms. That's something that's super hard to find and we've tried just about every class available!"

"Having been to a number of different classes with my son I can't speak highly enough about Jill and her methods. She has such a warm and engaging personality and was able to roll with the punches :). I loved her adaptation of all the popular songs moms like too - not just baby songs. The class was very age appropriate which was really the best part. I never felt like my son was left behind or not getting enough out of the class even though he was on the younger end of the spectrum. Her use of props was really great and even gave me some ideas of things to have at home and exercises/activities to practice. Definitely hope to keep taking class with Jill!"

"Jill is A+mazing!! She has worked with both of my children and both adore her. My 9 month old now has a private playgroup with her and it’s hands down the best class we do! Jill is creative, fun, sweet and knows ways to stimulate and develop children of all ages."

"Jill is amazing! I look forward to our Saturday morning classes more than any other class that I have my daughter signed up for! It is truly an amazing 45 minutes of stimulation for my daughter. She is the youngest in the group and Jill makes sure all babies are comfortable and able to do what she is instructing. She always offers modification for those who are not at the same level as others. We love Jill!"

"We had an amazing experience with Jill. Her music class was engaging, fun and taught me a lot of new things to do with my son. Jill provides different types of musical experiences to awaken all of your little ones senses! My six month old loved Jill's singing and I still sing her songs with him at home! We love music class with Jill and highly recommend setting up a play group with her."

"Among all of my son's teachers, Jill is the best. Not only does she explain the "why" behind every activity, she makes sure they're all fun -- not just for the babies, but for the moms, too. Jill is cool and creative, and has a great voice, too. I wish all of my son's teachers were as talented as Jill. Love you, Jill!"


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Interested in learning more about Jillybeans, attending upcoming classes or events at playspaces and stores around the city, or putting together a private class or playdate of your own? Please feel free to get in touch, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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