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Easy Activity: Mirror Painting

Looking for a quick and easy way to make art more engaging? Switch up the surface your child is painting on by swapping paper for a mirror. I like using cheap acrylic locker mirrors, like the ones linked below, but an actual mirror works too.

Your child will love seeing the reflection of their face and hands as they move around, and the feeling of the brush and their hands gliding on the smooth surface of the mirror. This activity works really well outside, but be mindful of what time you try it (you don’t want the sun to be too bright and reflect on the mirror!). We used our favorite washable tempera paint linked HERE which immediately rinsed off just using water.

Looking for more simple activities like this to help get you through the day? My 1:1 play consultations provide a custom play and activity plan specifically tailored to YOUR child’s interests and developmental goals so you can create simple, engaging play experiences your child will want to explore, support your child’s development, and make the most out of the materials you already have at home.

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