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Fun & Simple Outdoor Activity: Condiment Bottle Painting

Let’s paint with condiment bottles! This activity is great for strengthening the very important muscles in the fingers and hands and requires minimal supplies and setup! But the best part? It keeps my daughter engaged and entertained for long periods of time!

Why do the little muscles in the hands matter? The same muscles your child uses to squeeze the condiment bottle or pull the trigger on the spray bottle are the muscles they’ll need for essential life skills like getting dressed on their own, holding a crayon or a pencil, and tying their shoes!

You’ll need:

-condiment bottles and/or spray bottles

-liquid watercolor paint or food coloring


-a canvas to paint on (a cardboard box, paper, cardstock, or even just the pavement outside would all work!)

To start, add water and a few drops of liquid watercolor paint or food coloring for a taste-safe option to a condiment bottle or spray bottle. The more color added=the more vibrant the colors, but also the more likely you may get stains on the hands (they come off but can be a pain), so I always tend to lean on the lighter side and get more of a pastel effect. Next tape down your canvas in an area you don’t mind a little mess. We like to do this activity outdoors or in the bathtub. Then let your little one explore!

This activity is more about the process than the product, but I have to say, the product comes out pretty cool too! My toddler daughter has asked for this activity every day since we first introduced it. Best for children 1 yr old and up!

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