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Introducing Stickers To Your Toddler

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Here are the tips you need when introducing stickers to your toddler!

Stickers are great for working and coordinating the little muscles in the fingers and hands that your child will need to get dressed and undressed and hold a crayon or pencil appropriately. They’re also an easy no-low mess art and sensory activity.

Want to set your toddler up for sticker success? Start by taping down your paper to the surface your child is working on. This will help keep it in place and will allow them to work more independently. I like using easel paper to provide a larger surface to work on.

I recommend starting with oversized stickers that will be easier for their little hands to manipulate. You can use any stickers that your child might enjoy. My daughter is very into animals at the moment, so we've been using the stickers below.

Using sticker sheets? Use one of my favorite teacher tricks from the classroom days and make sure to peel the backing off first! This will make the stickers much easier to peel. These dot label stickers are a favorite of ours.

When can you introduce stickers? Every child is different, but usually somewhere between 12 and 18 months.

Have you tried stickers with your toddler?

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