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Podcast Ep. 9: Sleep Like a Baby with Camie Vanderbush of Sleep Baby Consulting

On this week’s episode, Jill is in conversation with her first guest on the podcast, Camie Vanderbush from Sleep Baby Consulting. Camie is a mom of two, an elementary school teacher turned stay-at-home mom and pediatric sleep consultant. She helps families develop lasting sleep habits for their babies and families so they can be the well rested parents they want to be and be the best for their children.

We cover so much in this conversation: all things sleep, common misconceptions around sleep and sleep training, juggling work and parenthood, infertility struggles, the transition from 1-2 kids, how to parent the child in front of you, and SO much more.

This is a can’t-miss episode, especially for anyone who is struggling with their child’s sleep. Camie has supported Jill and her daughter with sleep personally, along with countless other parents who Jill has referred to her. Her advice is game-changing. Listen to the full episode here!

Featured on the Podcast:

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Does a good night’s sleep sound like a dream? Work with Sleep Baby Sleep Consultants!

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