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The Art of Playful Parenting Podcast Episode 2: The Art of Independent Play

Do you feel like you’re in a cycle of constantly entertaining your child?


Maybe your child is having more screen time than you’d like because it feels like the only way for you to get anything done or get a little bit of a break?


Do you want time back for yourself while your child is learning and playing independently?


If this sounds familiar, you’re likely struggling with independent play or hoping to infuse more of it into your child’s day. On episode 2 of the podcast, we talk about independent play—what it is, when to start, why it matters, and some tried and true tips to support your child’s independent play journey. You can click here to listen the episode!


Featured on the. Podcast:


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Ready to see more independent play? This free resource that will help you get more time back for yourself while your child is learning and playing independently. Grab my free guide to independent play at any age!


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