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Seeing Things in Black +White: My Fave High Contrast Image Products

Updated: May 11, 2021

I've always loved finding easy ways for parents and caretakers to interact with their little ones at home. But now, as a new mom, I truly understand how difficult getting through the day can be. That's why, above all else, I feel so dedicated to sharing simple setups, activities, and products that will facilitate interaction and play while working toward developmental milestones.

My daughter is having a true love affair with high contrast images, which inspired me to create this post. Why are high contrast images so great for young babies? Your baby’s sense of vision rapidly develops in their first year, particularly in the first four to five months. But in the beginning, your little one can only see things about a foot in front of them in shades of gray, black, and white. That’s why high contrast images are great- they help strengthen and support that eye development.

Here are a few of the high contrast products we're loving right now!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you choose to purchase through the links I provide (at no extra cost to you).

1. Sassy Discover The Senses Set

LOVE this set of four toys. Each toy provides a variety of textures to explore and the bold black and white and bright colors are great for your baby's developing vision. The Ring O' Link is daughter's all time favorites, and I've used them in a variety of different setups. In fact, I love the links so much that we own several sets!

2. Mintlife High Contrast Cards and Animal High Contrast Cards

We’ve been hanging cards overhead on our activity gym and propping them up against the couch or cabinet to be viewed during tummy time.

Another set of high contrast cards that we've been enjoying... one side has adorable animal images and the other varied geometric designs in black, white, and red.

2. Manhattan Toy Mind Cubes

I love that these soft blocks provide a tactile experience with lots of different textures to explore in addition to their high contrast images.

3. Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Mirror

Wimmer-Ferguson is the original leader in high contrast colors and images for infant visual development. Manhattan Toy has a lot of great Wimmer-Ferguson products, including the cubes above. If you've taken my classes, you know I'm obsessed with mirror play for babies. Mirror play is great for cognitive development in babies. So, I love that this has a mirror on one side and the high contrast images on the other.

4. High Contrast Books

I'm a huge proponent of reading to babies from infancy as it builds listening skills, language and communication skills, and memory. Here are a few of our high contrast faves!

5. Lovevery Playgym

Ok, so it's not EXACTLY a high contrast toy, but it does feature high contrast features like cards and a high contrast Montessori ball. It's where my daughter's love of all things high contrast began. I love that this activity gym has so many different options for play. I'm actually working on a post solely dedicated to it and its features.

I am obsessed with this company and regularly recommend their products as must-have purchases for parents. I love that they are designed to support and foster child development. But most of all, I love that Lovevery and I share the fundamental understanding that play is the foundation of learning, and how incredibly important it is in the early years. These are beliefs I've always kept as a teacher and a business owner, that now, take on an entire new meaning as I'm a parent myself!

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