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Spark Your Child's Creativity With This Simple Invitation

Fall has always been my favorite season. And while I love a good fall festival, picking apples or pumpkins, etc, there are so many simple ways to spark play and creativity right outside your door. This simple invitation to create will take you about two minutes to set up. Collect some fallen leaves, rocks, acorns, and sticks in various shapes and colors. Rae and I went for a walk and did this together. Then, put out some paint sticks with them and let your little one create! So simple, but kept my daughter so focused and engaged, and a great way to take in all the colors and textures of fall.

Looking for more support and simple activity ideas? I can help! My 1:1 consultations provide a customized plan specifically tailored to YOUR needs & your child’s interests & developmental goals so you can feel confident and excited about parenting and feel less burnt out & overwhelmed. Click the link below to book yours!

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