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My Go-To Supplies and Props for Jillybeans Toddler Classes

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

I'm feeling excited for the fall, but in this new world, the classes I teach look different than ever before. As a result, I've been asking families in the Jillybeans community to keep some of my go-to materials with them. But even if you're not joining me for a Jillybeans class, these supplies are also great to have on-hand for at home art and sensory exploration. I tend to work with a lot of young toddlers, so you'll notice that many of the supplies listed are taste-safe and/or easy for little hands to grasp.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you choose to purchase through the links I provide (at no extra cost to you).

1. Construction Paper, both white and multicolor

I like the thickness of the options below, especially when working with paint.

2. Dot-A-Dot

These are a toddler art must-have. I love that they are easy for little hands to hold. They're great for fine motor coordination and hand-eye coordination. Plus, while I don't recommend having your little one suck on them, they are non-toxic and washable.

3. Colored Masking Tape

Believe it or not, masking tape is one of my favorite art and play supplies in the early years. It's great for honing fine motor skills.

4. Chubby Paintbrush

A wider area to grasp makes holding a paintbrush much easier!

5. Crayons

I love these finger crayons for toddlers. They are easy to grasp, non-toxic, and their unique shape also often leads to other types of exploration, like stacking and building.

While I certainly don't recommend encouraging your child to lick their art supplies, mouthing is a natural way for toddlers to explore. That's why I like these beeswax crayons. They are non-toxic and natural!

6. Glue

For an odorless, taste-safe non-toxic option...

7. Dot Label Stickers

Another toddler art must-have. Dot stickers are great for fine motor skill honing!

I also like these farm animal stickers, that are easy for little fingers to succeed at peeling.

8. Bleeding Tissue Paper

9. No-Spill Paint Cups

10. Washable Paint

I like the options below, but also have a great taste-safe paint recipe that you can make at home if that is your preference. It only requires three ingredients.

11. Paint Sticks

A great alternative to using liquid paints, these are mess-free and easy for little hands to grasp.

12. Miscellaneous Items for Fun and Exploration


Farm Animals


13. Animal Puppets or a Stuffed Animal Friend

14. Instruments/ Something to Shake and Make Noise With

It doesn't have to be a traditional instrument to shake and make noise. I love using a peppercorn grinder, keys, or even tapping two measuring cups together to play music!

15. Oversized Pom Poms

A favorite for both art and sensory play.

16. An Individual Container for Sensory Play

I like these Sterilite bins because they have latches, which makes for easy, no-mess storage. But really, any container could work, from a bowl to a baking pan or tray!

17. Playdough

One of my favorite things to do is make homemade playdough for my classes, but since we are not sharing materials at the moment, these natural playdough sets are the next best thing!

18. Movement Scarves

A staple in Jillybeans classes for all ages. Don't have them? You can easily substitute with a lightweight scarf, a lightweight blanket, a dish towel, or even a paper towel!

19. Measuring Cups/Spoons for Sensory Play

20. Bubbles

I mean... is anything complete in life without bubbles? While I tend to use a bubble machine for classes, I love these for individual bubbles.

Tray for Art

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