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Tips and Tricks to Make Virtual Classes with Toddlers A Success

As the pandemic continues, it’s uncertain when things like enrichment classes and school will return to the formats they once had. Here are some of my tips for how to help make virtual classes successful for your toddler:

Embrace The Fact That It Will Look Different

I’ve received a lot of feedback from caretakers who felt disappointed that their child didn’t seem at all interested in the virtual music class that he/she loved attending and participating in in-person. Attention spans and focus tend to look very different with screen time than they might in a classroom, music class, or playspace, and that’s totally normal and okay! Something that once worked wonderfully might not work as well in a virtual format. But the beauty of having virtual classes so accessible, is that there are many different things to try! Providers from all over the country and all over the world are putting out virtual content. I highly recommend experimenting with different classes and content to find what works best for your child and you!

Take A Break

I don’t ever expect a toddler to be attentive through the entirety of one of my virtual classes! In fact, even if I grab their attention for a portion of the time, I see it as a success. They will likely come in and out of the class and that’s okay. If your child needs to get up and move, or take a break for a snack, take one! As a caretaker, when it’s possible, you can potentially help re-engage by participating along.

Toddlers Need to Move

When searching for the best virtual class options for your little one, it’s important to keep this in mind. When many of us think of virtual classes, we envision sitting glued to a screen, but there are tons of fantastic options that will get your toddler’s body moving! Not sure where to start? Just plug “toddler yoga” into Google!

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