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Toy Car Play Three Ways

Here are a few of my favorite activities for little ones who love their toys cars and trucks:

-Tape Roads: Masking tape really is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to easy, at-home play. Lay down lines of masking tape (or painter's tape for more sensitive floors, like wood) to create roads. Your roads can weave through rooms or run into intersections-- you can really get as creative as you'd like. Then, let your little one drive their cars and trucks around on the roads you've created!

-Car Ramps: Anyone else have a ton of cardboard packaging around these days? Cut up your boxes into strips, lean them diagonally against a couch or table, and turn them into ramps for car races!

-Car Painting: Place some paint on a tray or plate. Have your child roll their plastic toy cars through the paint and then roll them on paper to create tire prints! Another option? Paint on the cars themselves using a paintbrush, and then extend the play, by doing a car wash!

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